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The Allurion Balloon – backed by the fully supported Allurion Program – is incredibly effective. Multiple clinical studies have shown that patients with the Allurion Balloon lose on average 10–15% of their total body weight in just 4 months 1,2– and most of that weight is sustained after one year.1,2
The Allurion Gastric Balloon acts as a catalyst, enabling patients to lose 2.5 times more weight than with a behavioral change program alone.



Allurion gastric balloon weight loss

Who says fast, healthy and sustainable weight loss can’t go hand in hand?

The efficacy of the Allurion Programme is backed by over 26 peer-reviewed studies


Patient Testimonial 

"I've been able to stabilize my weight for almost 4 years now. My 15-year-old daughter and I can even run up to 10 km together without any problem."


-Hakim, -2 st 12 lb

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Woman happy on the Allurion program
woman happy on the Allurion program

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