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Is the Allurion Program covered by Medicare or private health insurance?

The initial consultation may be eligible for a Medicare rebate with a GP referral. While the program is not covered by private health insurance, most clinics do offer financing and payment plans. For more information, contact your private health fund or speak to an Allurion advisor. 

Can I access my superannuation to pay for the Allurion Program?

Many clinics in Australia do support the application process for patients who meet certain BMI criteria and have 2 or more comorbidities. For more information on clinics that offer this, speak to one of our Allurion advisors.

Can you combine the Allurion Program with a weight-loss drug like Saxenda®?

Most of those on the Allurion Program achieve their weight loss goals with the Allurion Program alone, but yes, for some there may be an option to combine other therapies, like weight-loss drugs, into their approach. Research has shown promising weight loss results when therapies are combined. In a recent study, 92% of patients achieved their goals on the Program alone. For those who went on to combine the Allurion Program with Saxenda® (liraglutide), they achieved an average total body weight loss of nearly 19% after approximately 4 months of combined treatment, with no serious adverse events reported.1 In another recent study, patients following the Allurion Program with oral semaglutide achieved an average weight loss of over 18% after this combined treatment.2


Taken together, the findings from these two studies highlight the safety and effectiveness of this combination therapy, demonstrating its potential to enhance weight loss outcomes and durability for some people within the Allurion Program.

1. Ienca R, Ayuso L, Shahin M. Swallowable intragastric balloon program and GLP1 agonist combined treatment for obesity: an international multicenter study. Presented at ECO 2023.

2. Bhandari M, Mathur W, Kosta S, Reddy M. Combination therapy of GLP-1 analogues with swallowable balloon for treatment of obesity. Presented at IFSO 2023.


Which is better, weight-loss drugs or Allurion?

The best weight management treatment is personal to you, dependent on factors like your goals, health and wellbeing and preferences, etc. There are a range of effective treatments out there, and increasingly people use multiple treatments in combination and succession. Many people find fast, significant and sustainable weight loss following the Allurion Program, meaning for them it is an ideal first-line treatment. For some patients, during or after the Allurion Program, they may consider the addition of weight-loss drugs if advised by their expert clinic team. To find your best treatment option, speak with an Allurion advisor who will be able to direct you to a doctor in our partner clinics.


What is a gastric balloon?

A gastric balloon is a weight loss solution that involves placing a soft, inflatable balloon in the stomach to reduce its capacity and help you feel fuller faster and stay fuller for longer. It is considered safe and a less invasive alternative to weight loss surgery. The balloon stays in the stomach for a period of time, usually several months, during which it helps you to eat smaller portions, consume fewer calories, and achieve significant weight loss. After this residence period, the balloon deflates and is removed either through endoscopy, or in the case of the Allurion Balloon, passes out of the body naturally.

Is the capsule easy to swallow?

We understand that swallowing the balloon or the gag reflex can be a source of anxiety for certain people.

However, 99.99% of patients are able to swallow the capsule. If you have difficulty swallowing the capsule on your own, your doctor can assist you and gently guide the capsule down by stiffening the catheter. This helps avoid the gag reflex and support quick placement of the capsule inside the stomach.

What are the differences between the Allurion Balloon and other gastric balloons?

The Allurion Balloon is the world’s first and only gastric balloon without the need for surgery, endoscopy* or anaesthesia for balloon placement and removal. The balloon is swallowed as a capsule during a 15-minute placement which means less downtime or time off work for our patients.
Designed to pass naturally at approximately 16 weeks, the Allurion Balloon maximizes weight loss while minimizing time spent in the body, making it a more effective option than longer 6-month endoscopic balloons, where 80% of weight loss is achieved within the first 3 months.(ref 1)

The Allurion Balloon is a safer option, with fewer side effects. It has a significantly lower intolerance rate compared to 12-month endoscopic balloons (1-3% vs 14.4%) (ref 2,3), with an overall serious adverse event rate that is 10 times lower than other liquid-filled balloons.(ref 4-10)

Made from vegan polyurethane, a material that’s much thinner and more flexible than the silicone material in endoscopic balloons, the Allurion Balloon flexes and adapts as your stomach moves, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.


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How much weight can be lost with Allurion?

After approximately 16 weeks of the Allurion Program, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that patients lose on average 10–15% of their total body weight. If you still want to lose more weight, a second Balloon can be placed after completing the first program.

Will it be obvious to others that I have the Allurion Balloon in my stomach?

No. The Allurion Programme is a discrete experience. Unless you tell people, no one will know you have had the Balloon placed.

Can I return to normal activities after placement?

After the less than 15-minute placement, you can continue with your life; however, you may have some symptoms for a few days such as nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Your healthcare professional will advise you on care and nutrition after placement and the best plan to resume your activities, such as gym and exercise.

How is the Balloon placed?

The placement takes place during a less than 15-minute outpatient visit. Allurion is the first gastric balloon that requires no endoscopy* or anaesthesia for placement or removal. Simply swallow a capsule containing the deflated Balloon with a catheter: once the Balloon is confirmed to be in your stomach via x-ray, the Balloon is filled with water through a catheter. A second x-ray takes place to ensure the Balloon is filled correctly.

Will I put the weight back on?

Up to 96% of weight-loss may be sustained 12 months after the Balloon exits the body!

Does a doctor need to remove the Balloon?

No. After approximately 16 weeks, the Balloon deflates and passes naturally. In very rare cases, an intervention might be required.

Is the Allurion Program better than dieting alone?

Yes! The Allurion Program, a combination of our unique swallowable gastric balloon and a supported lifestyle change program, leads to nearly 2.5 times the weight loss than a lifestyle change program alone, according to an independent study.(superscript 1)

In another study, three-quarters of participants who attempted to lose weight over a year through calorie-controlled or restricted diets (72% of participants), exercise programs or courses (22%), and pharmaceutical treatments (12%), did not achieve a clinically meaningful weight loss defined as at least 5% of their body weight.(superscript 2) The evidence shows that these isolated methods alone are not enough.

The 6-month Allurion Program combines medical support and a weight-loss device (Allurion Gastric Balloon), digital tools (Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker and Allurion App) and nutritional coaching to kick-start your weight loss and help you form lifelong healthy habits to maintain the weight loss.
Results at 16 weeks. Raftopoulos, I et al Holyoke Medical Center. Holyoke, MA​ An Intensive 52 Week Nutritional, Exercise and Behavior Modification Program: Comparing With or ​Without the Allurion IGB Presented at ASMBS 2019
Three-quarters of adults with obesity have attempted to lose weight in the past year, but most have been unsuccessful (ampproject.org)

How is the balloon removed?

After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestinal tract without the need for a removal procedure.*

*In rare cases, the Allurion Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal.

What happens after the balloon has passed?

After the Allurion Balloon passes, the Allurion Programme and the related support from your healthcare team continues for one month. At the end of the Allurion Programme, you should continue your healthy lifestyle habits. One clinical study showed that 96% of the average weight loss with the Allurion Balloon was sustained at 1-year follow-up.

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