The World’s First and Only Gastric Balloon with No Endoscopy or Anaesthesia*

Kapsel med maveballon og et glas vand
Kapsel med maveballon og et glas vand

Allurion Gastric Weight-Loss Balloon

  • Less than 15-minute procedure
  • 100,000 Balloons placed
  • 1,300,000 Kg lost through the Allurion Programme
  • 60+ countries
4Cs Marketing Hub

The 4C Success Model

Consumers’ demands and expectations remain unmet with existing weight-loss procedures – patients want the convenience of an outpatient procedure. Allurion will work with you and your clinic to master the 4C's to support your clinic's growth and improve your patient’s satisfaction:

Master the placement
Master the programme
Master the conversation
Master the marketing
allurion program tools
allurion program tools


With the Allurion Virtual Care Suite, stay connected to patients’ results in real-time without scheduling more appointments.

The Allurion Virtual Care Suite for the patient includes an Allurion Connected Scale and Health Tracker that detect multiple signs of health and an Allurion app that transmits results directly to your clinic.

For the healthcare team, you will gain access to Allurion Insights that receives the secure data from the patient's app so your care team can help keep them on track. Also, you will be able to view the Allurion Clinic Dashboard with your sales representative to see how your clinics aggregate results compare to other clinic's.



Allurion Insights allows Allurion Programme clinics the ability to improve patient care and optimise overall clinic-level performance. Through Allurion Insights you will receive compliant and secure real-time data from your individual patients’ Allurion Mobile App, which allows for deeper understanding of weight-loss results, body composition and health analytics to enable end-to-end patient management.  

  • Real-time analytics for providers and patients on weight, activity and sleep
  • End-to-end patient management for clinic
  • Telehealth-powered follow-up


The Allurion Clinic Dashboard is provided to Allurion Programme clinics through field representatives, to review your clinics key aggregate clinical results and benchmarking verses other Allurion Programme clinic's. Aggregate data from mobile app, analytics, sales and more

  • Analytics on weight-loss and consumer digital engagement
  • Provides clinic ranking by key criteria associated with weight -loss
  • Provides global, regional, and country-specific comparisons.