Introducing the Extended Allurion Program

Maximise your weight-loss results with a second Allurion Balloon

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Achieve more than 20% body weight loss with the Extended Allurion Program

The Extended Program consists of two consecutive Allurion Balloons, with a rest period of at least two months between the two balloons, nutritional guidance, and digital tracking tools.

Patients achieve a total body weight loss of 23% on average at the end of their program1.

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Allurion Program

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Unfortunately the Allurion Programme is not suitable for individuals who have undergone bariatric, gastric or esophageal surgery.

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Results with the Allurion Program
Results with the extended Allurion Program
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12-18 month
Extended Allurion Program

The Extended Program involves placing a second consecutive Allurion Balloon after completing the initial Program, and a rest period of at least 2 months in between.

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With the Extended Allurion Program

You can expect to achieve additional weight loss, with an average of 23% total body weight loss at the end of your program, which approaches what can be achieved with bariatric surgery at 1 year.

Alongside the second balloon, patients will receive ongoing medical support and nutritional guidance as well as access to the same digital tracking tools.


Which program is right for me?

At Allurion, we recognize that every weight loss journey is different, and we want to help you find the best solution.

By speaking with one of our advisors, you can learn more and determine which option best fits your specific weight goals and needs.

Why choose the Extended Allurion Program?

Weight loss comparable to bariatric surgery.

With two consecutive Allurion Balloons, you can expect to achieve weight loss of, on average, 23%, results that approach what can be achieved by bariatric surgery at 1 year.

This can be a useful option for those who need continued support and guidance to help them achieve greater weight-loss results.

Suitable for higher BMI individuals.

If you have a higher BMI, the Extended Allurion Programme helps you achieve significant weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way.

Compared to the standard 6-month Allurion Programme, the Extended Programme can lead to greater weight-loss results.

How much weight can I lose?