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About Allurion

The First Of Its Kind

A unique medical technology: the Allurion Balloon and Weight-Loss Program.

"We work closely with our patients and providers to develop an experience that meets their needs, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact Allurion will have on patient outcomes around the world."

  • Shantanu Gaur

Global Obesity Health Care

Healthcare systems worldwide are doing fantastic work, but there are many issues – and they are growing. 

Disruptive solutions that empower consumers by using best-in-class medical technology encourage consumers to become active participants in their own healthcare.

These solutions have the best chance of success and at Allurion, we center our daily activities and company culture on the following principles:

Our Mission

At Allurion, we seek to end obesity globally, helping our patients to live fuller, longer lives.


Our Promise

We aim to be the catalyst for weight loss for life. A lasting weight loss programme that will guide your weight loss for life.


Our Solution

We have devised a programme that combines medical, digital, and nutritional approaches, with the help of an entire team dedicated to jumpstarting your weight loss journey and aiding you in forming lifelong healthy habits. 

Our Values

Allurion Patients
Lbs lost

Empowering people to become active in their own healthcare.

Obesity is rapidly becoming a global problem and we want to empower people without medical complexities or barriers. The Allurion Program offers just that: simple, accessible healthcare – for everyone.

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Our Story

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