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Allurion Balloon

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Lose Weight While Feeling Full

Some diets feel unsustainable, exercising isn’t shifting the weight...

- Stop yo-yo dieting and get help with long-lasting results.

- Many people struggling with excess weight will opt for surgical procedures when they find it difficult to lose weight with lifestyle changes alone.

- But did you know that many weight-loss procedures come with risks of their own?

- From anaesthesia to endoscopy, malnutrition to hospital stays, weight-loss procedures are not to be taken lightly.

بالون وكبسولة ألوريون وكوب من الماء
Allurion Weight-Loss Balloon

No Surgery, No Anasthesia, No Endoscopy*.

مريض يخضع للتنظير من أجل بالون المعدة
Other Gastric Balloons

Patient sedation and anesthesia. Endoscopy will be performed both for the placement and removal of the balloon.

مقارنة تكميم المعدة ببالون المعدة
Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass

Partial stomach amputation. Irreversible procedure. Risk of malnutrition and requires vitamins to avoid possible deficiencies.

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