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Allurion Balloon

The Program

Kickstart Your Weight-Loss

The Allurion Program is all encompassing and goes well beyond the 16-week gastric balloon used to kickstart your weight loss. The 6-month scientifically backed Program helps you readjust your mindset towards food to sustain your weight loss, for your long-term health.

The Science
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Support from your Doctor

Your doctor will be with you from the first step of your Allurion weight loss journey – from the first clinic consultation, to preparing you for placement, to supporting your achievements as you progress through the Program.

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Support from your Nutritionist

Your nutritionist will help you re-evaluate your relationship with food; they will keep you strong and healthy, and guide you to healthy, sustainable dietary choices. You can make use of their coaching for 6-months – well after the Balloon has passed.

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Support from your Devices

To assist in your weight-loss journey, you will be provided with an Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker and Allurion App on the day of your balloon placement. You can use these to check-in with your healthcare team, receive support and guidance, and be accountable for your weight-loss achievements.

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Kickstart Your Weight-Loss

16-week Balloon

6-month Program

Forever weight-loss knowledge

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Join the community of 51,284 people who have already taken control of their hunger with the Allurion Balloon. If they can do it, so can you.

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