Gastric balloon vs other weight loss methods

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Comparing a gastric balloon vs other weight loss methods 

What is the best way to lose weight safely and effectively? It’s a big question that’s asked every year by millions of people of all ages and fitness levels.

There’s a dizzying range of weight loss methods out there, from diet plans, supplements and hypnotherapy to surgery and gastric balloon pills. Discovering which one’s right for you can seem daunting. There is overwhelming agreement among doctors and nutritionists that a sustainable weight loss programme starts with limiting your calorie intake, ideally while increasing your everyday activity. You can swallow all the minerals and herbal supplements you want. But without downsizing your calorie count, these ‘miracle’ cures are unlikely to reduce much except your bank balance.

That’s where many people who’ve resolved to lose weight run into the first hurdle. If you love your food – and who doesn’t – eating less is a tall order. It’s easy to start with the best of intentions, skipping the odd meal or switching carbs for extra salad. But those gnawing feelings of hunger quickly test the strongest of wills. And before you know it, it’s straight back to the old ways with a generous side serving of guilt.  

There are various surgical weight loss options including gastric bypass, band and sleeve procedures. These methods typically work by limiting the absorption of food into the small intestine, or reducing stomach size to quell those hunger messages being sent to the brain. As with any surgical intervention, however, these procedures are generally irreversible and carry the risk of various complications.   

If you really are determined to lose weight but struggle with those cravings experienced by millions, there’s an alternative to surgical methods that can instantly curb the misery of ‘never feeling full’. 

Safe, painless and recommended by doctors, the Allurion Programme can make your weight loss goals more attainable without the need for anaesthesia, endoscopy or lengthy hospital stays. It’s based on the Allurion Balloon  (formerly known as the Elipse Balloon) – a small, swallowable gastric balloon pill that expands gently inside your stomach to create the feeling of fullness and quelling the urge to over-eat. In contrast with surgically invasive procedures, the balloon degrades naturally after a few months and passes naturally out of your system.

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Teamed with personalised support from trained professionals, this innovative programme can help patients lose an average of 10-15% of their bodyweight in just 16 weeks, while developing healthier habits that can stay for life.

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