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Learn more about the story behind the Allurion gastric balloon, including how we got started, the science behind the method and clinical research.

Allurion Technologies

Allurion was founded in 2009 by Shantanu Gaur and Samuel Levy while they were studying at Harvard Medical School. Owing to their studies, they started to rethink popular perceptions about weight loss. To better understand the journeys of people who were overweight or struggling with obesity, they did something quite unusual in modern day medicine: they started listening to their patients’ stories.

The two soon realised that ineffective diets were frustrating their patients: their weight would return or they would struggle with the feeling of hunger and deprivation. It came as no surprise that many people were either afraid of traditional, invasive weight-loss surgery, or they simply could not afford the costly weight-loss solutions available.

Patients were seeking something easy and convenient—a treatment without the medical complexity that came with other weight-loss therapies. They expressed a desire for so much more than just a magic pill: they wanted a weight loss program that would empower them to make healthy choices that last a lifetime. They wanted to end obesity for good.

As Shantanu and Samuel started researching solutions, they imagined what has now become the Allurion Programme. Over time, The Allurion Programme has evolved into a full-stack weight-loss platform including the revolutionary Allurion Balloon, The Allurion Virtual Care Suite, Allurion’s Behavior Change Program, and the Allurion Iris Artificial Intelligence Platform.

The Allurion Programme has already been used in 60 countries around the world and has become a best-in-class solution. To date, we have treated over 100,000 weight-loss patients who have reported a cumulative weight-loss of over two million pounds shed after using The Allurion Program. And in the words of Dr. Gaur, “We’re just getting started.”

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The Science

A new medical technology: backed by science and gets results.

With 100,000 Balloons distributed worldwide, Allurion is backed by clinical evidence and helps patients lose 10–15% of their body weight in just 16 weeks*.

How does it work?

Clinical Research

El médico sostiene el balón gástrico Allurion en su mano

The Procedureless Elipse Gastric Balloon Program: Multicenter Experience in 1770 Consecutive Patients.

A Doctor holding the Allurion Gastric Capsule in his hands

The Efficacy and Safety of a Procedureless Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

A Doctor holding both the Allurion Gastric Balloon and Capsule in his hands

The Safety and Efficacy of Procedureless Gastric Balloon: a Study Examining the Effect of Elipse Intragastric Balloon Safety, Sh

Allurion's Doctor

Improving Nausea and Vomiting Post-Elipse Balloon: a Novel Single-Dose Regimen of 300 mg Netupitant/0.5 mg Palonosetron Hydrochl


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