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Allurion Balloon

What To Expect

Greater Results with Less Struggle.

With our step-by-step guide, we’ll set you up for success and prepare you for your weight-loss journey ahead.

Première consultation avec un médecin certifié
Initial consultation with approved doctor

Talk to one of our approved doctors. They will ask your medical history to ensure that Allurion’s Balloon and Weight-Loss Program is suitable for you and will explain the process to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Prenez rendez-vous pour le placement du Ballon Gastrique
Make an appointment to have the Balloon placed

Lose 10-15% Of Your Body Weight In 16 Weeks*.

Balloon Placement - Step by step guide

On the day

You will swallow a small capsule which contains the deflated Balloon. It is attached to a very thin tube that the doctor will use to inflate the Balloon with water once placed in your stomach. X-rays are used to ensure the Balloon is in the right position and filled correctly before the tube is gently removed. It will take less than 20-minutes!

Your appetite adjusts

​​​​​​The Balloon takes up space in your stomach leaving less room for food. You feel less hungry, and cravings are reduced, helping you eat less and lose weight.

You reset your relationship with food

​​​​​​You will be supported by a dedicated nutrition team to help change your eating behaviour and lose weight. You will also receive a Connected Scale, Health Tracker and Mobile App to monitor your achievements and share your success.

You achieve long-lasting weight-loss goals

​​​​​​After approximately 16 weeks the Balloon naturally deflates and passes comfortably through the digestive system*. Your support team remain at hand to help you maintain your new relationship with food and keep the weight off.

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