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Why Is The Allurion Programme More Effective For Weight-Loss?

Not surprisingly, studies have found that hunger is the driving factor behind diet failure. Dieting is difficult and often affects several aspects of your life, including your social life and your personal relationships.

The Allurion Balloon reduces feelings of hunger during the approximately 16 weeks it is in your stomach which means you will feel more confident and lower your risk of overindulging. The Balloon, combined with your healthcare team and nutritionist supporting you, means that your relationship with food can be recalibrated.

Allurion has more success than dieting alone because patients feel less hungry, feel fuller more quickly after eating, and will not have hunger attacks, which are typically experienced when dieting.

In fact, when combined with intensive weight-loss strategies, the Allurion Balloon leads to nearly 2.5 times more weight loss in 16 weeks than when undertaking intensive weight-loss strategies alone. In fact, 17% of patients undertaking intensive weight-loss strategies alongside the Allurion Balloon achieved a weight loss of over 20% of their total body weight!

Clinical Research

Doctor with Gastric Balloon

A prospective pilot study of the efficacy and safety of Elipse intragastric balloon: A single-center, single-surgeon experience

holding a non surgical gastric balloon

Effect of A New SwallowableIntragastric Balloon (Elipse™) on Weight Loss and Metabolic Syndrome

Doctor holding swallowable gastric balloon

Safety and Efficacy of a New Swallowable Intragastric Balloon Not Needing Endoscopy: Early Italian Experience

A Doctor holding the Allurion Gastric Capsule in his hands

The Elipse Balloon, a swallowable gastric balloon for weight loss not requiring sedation, anesthesia or endoscopy: a pilot study

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